A Safe 1:1 Chromebook Program for Buxmont Academy, USA

Due to the pandemic and a rushed move to remote learning, Buxmont Academy needed a safe 1:1 program for their students’ Chromebooks.

In order to achieve this, they needed a tool to filter and manage devices on- or off-campus.

Multiple schools meant Buxmont Academy needed a centralized dashboard to maintain all their Chromebooks at each school.

While they were searching for a fitting solution for their 1:1 device strategy they discovered Mobile Guardian’s Campus solution.

Mobile Guardian’s Campus Solution enables the academy to manage and have oversight of their devices across multiple schools, all through a single dashboard.

Read more below about how Mobile Guardian was able to assist.

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What is Mobile Guardian?

Mobile Guardian is a powerful, mobile device management (MDM) solution purpose-built for districts and schools. Our multi-OS platform currently supports Android, Chromebook, iOS, and macOS devices. Our parental control product, Linked Parental Controls, lets parents create safe online experiences for their children on their mobile devices.

Discover our Campus solution, the choice of Buxmont Academy.

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