Chromebook Management in the Cañon City District

Large mobile device management projects can make the bravest of us tremble in fear.

Chromebook management at a District or Local Education Authority level can be a daunting project. From device enrollment, maintenance and updating of devices and apps – it is a big task to take on. The challenge to oversee devices on a large scale has many potential pitfalls.

Nevermind the problems that mobile devices can create in the classroom. From I.T. Administrators assisting teachers to run their lessons and assisting students operate devices, to ensuring students remain engaged and behaving appropriately online.

These tasks are challenging enough for a single school – nevermind across entire Districts or Local Education Authorities.

Faced with the challenge of managing Chromebooks at a district level, Cañon City selected Mobile Guardian as their mobile device management solution who were on hand to assist with the implementation of their 4000 plus Chromebooks.

The customer service has been fantastic. Whenever we have had questions or concerns, we have received prompt and personalized support. It has been a very beneficial relationship.
– Daniel Coppa, Instructional Technology Coordinator

How is Mobile Guardian suitable for Districts? 

The Cañon City district required a solution to their challenge of Chromebook management in their district. From the implementation of rules and controls at a district level, as well as the individual requirements of each school.

Cañon City district wanted a single platform from which they could manage more than 4000 devices. Our solution had what they were looking for!

Our device management dashboard allows for a clear view of an entire district’s devices, right the way down to an individual classroom’s devices.

Why Mobile Guardian?

Beyond Mobile Guardian’s macro to micro device management lens, our Classroom Management Tools and Web Filtering Tool Add-ons offered extra functionality needed by Cañon City district.

One of which was the need for teachers to easily view their students’ screens, whether in a physical classroom or whilst learning remotely.

Mobile Guardian Classroom Management Tools provide teachers with a clear view of students’ screens during their lesson. Teachers can quickly see if a student is off-task or distracted and can push appropriate content directly to their screens. Mobile Guardian allows teachers to intervene directly on a students device, should the need to do so arise.

In addition to this, Mobile Guardian’s cloud-based, Web-Filtering ensures that students are safe and that devices are secure, and unable to access unsuitable online content. It’s now easy to make sure that your eSafety policy is always honoured.

Part of the Cañon City district’s challenge was their 1-to-1, mobile device policy, and the sudden need to send devices home with students due to the pandemic.

Mobile Guardian’s Classroom Manager and Web-Filtering tools not only help teachers manage and engage their students in the classroom but when devices go home with students, they are able to ensure their online rules and e-policies apply.

From the Mobile Guardian dashboard, IT Administrators can customise rules for the district, for individual schools and for individual classrooms. This cascading control allows for dynamic yet thorough oversight of school-owned devices. Mobile Guardian creates safe and secure online experiences for students that may be easily adjusted by their teacher should the needs of a particular lesson require it.

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