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Elevate your Google Classroom with Mobile Guardian. Find out more on how Mobile Guardian can impact your classrooms.

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As a Google for Education Partner, our solution is 100% compatible with Chromebooks and Google learning environments.

Complete Your Chromebook Classroom

Mobile Guardian is a cloud-based device management solution that provides teachers with the tools they require to get the best out of their Chromebook classrooms. Access the best classroom management and web filtering tools for Chromebooks.


Engaging Lessons on Chromebooks

Create engaging classes with screen share and simple content distribution.

Seamlessly Integrate with Google Classroom

Sync Google Classroom content directly with Mobile Guardian.

Personalised Learning

Reporting to fully understand student strengths and weaknesses for personalised learning.

Keep students Safer online

Provide safe online learning environments with a world-class web filter.

Incredible Chromebook Classroom

Management Features

View Student Screens

View student screens live from
your dashboard during class, and
know if students are on-task.

Activity Timeline

Visual reporting of how
students used their device
during class.


Create focused learning
environments by limiting
what devices may access.

Eyes Up

Get the whole class’s attention at the touch of a button. Eyes Up instantly displays a block screen on each device and requests that the student look up at the teacher.

Device Use Reports

Get a detailed report of time spent on apps, and gain clear insight into which applications students use the most.

Google Drive

Integrate Google Drive & Mobile Guardian, to quickly and easily share Google drive documents with students.

Success Stories

Robin F

“Mobile Guardian’s support is a lot better than our previous MDM vendor. They had terrible support and so we made the switch over to Mobile Guardian.”

Schools ICT team
Digital Integration Specialist

“Mobile Guardian were very helpful in setting us up with some test accounts. They delivered excellent help throughout the testing process.”

Maria S.

"With video conferencing I can see my students, but with Mobile Guardian I can see what they are actually doing on their devices and share my screen at the same time, it’s great."

Our Solutions

Your Complete Mobile Device Solution. Access Manage, Learn & Safer for a complete Chromebook solution and device experience.

Classroom management tools purpose-built for educators. Eliminate distractions and unlock the learning potential of mobile devices in your classroom.

Learn Supported by Mobile Guardian

Comprehensive and dynamic Web Filtering tools. Create safe and protected online learning environments with our CIPA-compliant Web Filter.

Safer supported by Mobile Guardian

A Multi-OS MDM solution, for complete device enrollment, app management and more. Manage Chromebooks with a Google For Education partner.

Manage supported by Mobile Guardian

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