Device Maintenance and Monitoring from the Cloud

In a virtual classroom, the “con” in the inconvenience of technology can feature pretty quickly. The challenges of a virtual classroom stack up and that’s before even looking at countless app installations, bugging updates, annoying tech issues, and the need for quality training when implementing technology in the classroom. 

Mobile device maintenance is helpful to rid some of the more annoying tech issues and supports the easy roll-out of apps, efficient updating of devices and apps, and monitoring simplicity for IT-guru guidance.

Why is there a need for mobile device maintenance?

Simply put, mobile device maintenance is around because too many problems are encountered without it. It’s the silent support system working away in the background to ensure devices are always ready to support learning. The maintenance of a device or application can feel like a full-time task before any more education oriented technology comes into play. Managing apps across multiple devices adds up to more than a bite-sized chunk of time (a chunk which any educator knows is just too valuable to waste.)

Not only does the school’s IT department have to roll-out and make sure the right apps are maintained, which is tedious at best, but they also need to control the access and permissions on the devices themselves. Allowing or restricting particular online access, location settings or software takes up another chunk of precious time. 

To avoid the less-than-ideal headaches of manually managing devices constantly, device maintenance software helps streamline processes. Limitations and controls can be set up once for all devices and can be altered based on profile. This means teachers and parents can implement different restrictions and limitations of device usage according to their desires. 

It gets better – device management software doesn’t only cater to the maintenance of devices, and thus the concerns of the IT department. Teachers and parents also receive an abundance of convenience in regards to guiding their students’ use of devices. 

With a sophisticated piece of mobile device management software in place, teachers can gain access to classroom tools to guide the use of students’ devices in real-time. Classroom management provides features such as locking device screens, limiting app access, or sharing content to direct focus during active class to promote productivity and diminish distraction.

What software is best for device maintenance? 

Let’s face it, some software is just better (suited) than others.

Software that is designed for education can result in a solution that is better equipped with the right features necessary for use in the classroom, and even blended learning environments.

This focus and purpose oriented design results in features that assist in the management of scenarios that are unique to educational environments. Trying to fit a corporate mobile device management solution into an educational setting, to maintain devices effectively, can be like trying to fit a square in a round hole.

The benefit of multi-OS supported functionality 

While some software is designed to cater to specific operating systems, others offer multi-OS support. The beauty of multi-OS software is that it allows multiple operating systems within a single class, all managed and partaking in the same online class. 

In an ideal situation, even bringing Chromebooks, iPads, and Android devices into a single dashboard for the teacher. This is particularly helpful when it comes to BYOD environments and it’s nifty for parents should their children have different devices at home too.

The convenience of cloud-based software

Without cloud-based software in the age of remote teaching, as well as regular digital classrooms, technology poses a number of risks in these learning environments.

Cloud-based software helps to cut back on hardware costs and save time in the long-term as systems are not only easier to implement, but processes are scalable from small device quantities to the District or Local Education Authority scale. All without the hassle of manual, in-person maintenance.

Cloud based software also means the IT department is always connected, meaning if a teacher encounters an issue, remote support is just an instant message and a few changes away from sorting out the issue.

Ease of use 

Let’s face it: technology can be confusing, even to the savviest of users. If the thing that is meant to make your life easier seems to hinder rather than help you, it’s a one-way-ticket to frustration.

But mobile device management doesn’t need to be difficult, and Mobile Guardian certainly isn’t. Developed for education, Mobile Guardian’s features ensure the maintenance and management of devices from the cloud is easy, efficient and effective.

Get the best out of your mobile device management

If you want to explore whether a mobile device management software provider is suitable for you, simply book a demo!

For more insight into overcoming the challenges of the virtual classroom, see our article here with more useful ways to ensure educators and parents are able to get the best out of devices within their learning environments.


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