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With Mobile Guardian, you can easily ensure that all device content is always relevant and age-appropriate.

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Manage apps remotely

Remotely install apps on student devices. Tag and mass assign apps to school- and student owned devices. Configure key applications to auto-install when a new device is enrolled.

Web, Youtube & keyword filtering

Advanced web,Youtube and keyword filtering with the Mobile Guardian safe browser, ensure that your students only see age-appropriate content.

Location, location, location!

Set up your MDM to know where your devices are at all times. Create sophisticated geofences and schedule location-based restrictions.

Robust app filtering

Control all app-related actions on the device. Blacklist apps, customize the home screen and dock layouts and set devices to single app mode for complete focus during exams.

Track lost or stolen devices

Identify lost or stolen devices quickly and set the wheels in motion to protect them. Be alerted when the stolen device comes online to improve chances of recovery.

Remote media distribution

Distribute media to devices at the touch of a button. Push content like website and Youtube links, PDFs, web clips and audio files.

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