Benefits of Integrating Google Workspace for Education with your MDM

In a world where time, simplicity and efficiency are important factors to consider, integrating your mobile device management (MDM) solution with Google Workspace for Education can help.

By integrating Google Workspace for Education with your MDM solution, you gain the ability to control your school or district’s devices, users, and applications with some basic and advanced device management features. Once you have set up your Organisational Units and added devices and users to Google Workspace for Education, the hard work is done. All that is left is to link your Workspace to your MDM provider and you’re good to go.

Setting up and managing your Google Workspace, formally known as G Suite, seems like a daunting task, as there are many interesting features and options available within it. It seems overwhelming at times and why wouldn’t it? You may have 1000 devices, which equates to 1000 students, 25 Teachers and you are only one administrator to oversee all of them. You would need superpowers to do so. Look at Google Workspace working with your MDM as just that. By integrating the two you will have the ultimate super power.

  • Manage different mobile devices in real-time, from a single dashboard
  • Enhanced update and support
  • Accurate device tracking
  • Better application control
  • Remote device restriction control
  • Capability to erase devices remotely
  • Simple password management

Some mobile device management solutions are able to support multiple operating systems, all within a single pane of glass. Making multi-OS environments easier to manage than ever.

Getting Started with Google Workspace for Education

Google Workspace for Education is where you would start. Once you are registered, you can add users to your domain, set up apps, create your organisation units, and access advanced features. That is your 1000 devices, Students, and applications set up and ready to go.

Next up is your MDM provider. This is where you would do your management of devices, applications, students, and users. Integration is as simple, one would say as easy as 1, 2, 3. For Android and Chromebooks the enrollment of devices is simple and comes with step-by-step guides to get them going. Once they are enrolled, the management of these devices is simple and efficient.

You will have the ability to create and enforce restrictions, manage applications, and more. Simply add websites, youtube links, and applications to be either blocked or allowed should your solution offer a web filtering function. This can be done at a school level, where the administrator can apply the restrictions to all devices or have different groups of devices with a different set of restrictions.

Your teachers are not left out either. They would gain the ability to enforce their own rules for individual classes, as each class is different and needs to be managed as such.

Manage your 1:1 program of thousands of devices with quick, direct actions.

Effective Device Management with Google Workspace for Education

Applications play a huge role in our everyday lives. With an effective MDM solution, you will have the ability to manage which applications are accepted and excluded from devices. This includes the ability to remotely add, remove and update applications as needed. Application updates do not always come with warnings and so you can update them with a click of a button.

Need to know where a device is? Location tracking knows where it is. With this feature, you would be able to track the device as well as set Geofence restrictions in order for the device to sync and connect as it enters different locations. Furthermore, you may use this feature to know if a device leaves a location designated for school use.

If a student has graduated or left the school and you need a fresh start, the device can be erased, no problem. With an MDM solution, you have the ability to even remotely erase the MDM solution off the device and leave the device in a state for normal everyday use.

Some mobile device management solutions even offer parents the ability to control the device after school hours and set their own restrictions. You would have the ability to restrict the device and set a scheduled time for the device to be managed according to school regulations as well as a time window where the parent will be able to set their own limitations as to how their child will be able to use the device at home.

Just another reason to integrate your MDM solution with Google Workspace for Education!

Managing 1000 devices, 1000 students and 25 teachers doesn’t seem so daunting after all. To be honest, who wouldn’t want this agility and control. The fundamental reasoning behind using mobile device management is to simplify device management to make it more efficient. This can result in the time taken to do so, to be more than halved! Leaving you with the time to focus on more integrated management requirements.

Ever Developing Device Management

I hope you found this article to be of use, and that it shined some light onto the wonders of mobile device management.

The landscape of EdTech is ever-evolving, and there are constantly new and exciting developments in the world of mobile device management.

We’re constantly working to stay ahead of the curve and offer incredible support to Mobile Guardian users around the world.

Let us know your thoughts on what is keeping you preoccupied with mobile device management as an administrator, and we can look to shed some light on the matter in the next blog post.

If you are having specific trouble with the schools you are managing, then feel free to message our expert support team to assist.

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