Designed to make district MDM a breeze

Today’s the day!

It’s an exciting day here at Mobile Guardian HQ because we’ve launched Mobile Guardian for Districts. When designing this product, we drilled down to discover the unique mobile device management (MDM) challenges that you as K12 school districts face. We set out to build features that will save you time and make your district MDM as simple, and as pain free as possible.

We’re proud of the results.

One Dashboard for the whole District

The easy to use dashboard gives you complete visibility of all mobile device activity in schools within the district. You can remotely set restrictions and policies across all your schools, and you’ll be able to create detailed reports. Rest assured that schools won’t be able to override district settings and you’ll be able to push district-wide updates at the touch of a button.

Accommodate Mobility students
Seamlessly migrate devices between schools in your district, to accommodate
students with high levels of mobility.

And Off-Campus Filtering
Create safe environments both in the classroom and at home,
ensuring protection at all times from harmful online content.

Plus powerful Teacher Controls
With a simple and easy-to-use dashboard, teachers can
unlock the incredible,  learning potential of mobile
devices and transform their classrooms.

Want to know more?

The feature list is long and we’ve kept things simple by listing the ones you requested the most. Discover our complete solution in Campus.

If you’d like to see how our feature-rich,  MDM solution can help your district, schedule a demo with us, or contact our friendly sales team at

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The hardest part of using Mobile Guardian is deciding what you’re going to do with all your extra time.



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