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What is an EdTech Superhero?

They’re everywhere, some easily spotted, some working in the background and going unnoticed. It is someone who works in education who impacts positive change and brings delight to the people they work with, both students and fellow educators through their work with technology.

We’re striving to shine the light on educators around the world as they shape our future.

Whether that is you yourself have or you know of someone who you think of frequently when using technology – we’d love to hear about them!

Some of our alumni

Women in Education Stepping into Their Power in a Post-Pandemic World

Inspiring pearls of wisdom from Kumeshnee West.

Kumeshnee West is the Director of Executive...

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Making EdTech Easier with Dr Monica Burns

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Our latest EdTech...

The Next EdTech Superhero

Our EdTech Superhero Series

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As we mark the annual observance of Safer Internet Day, cultivating a safe and responsible digital environment takes...

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England’s Department of Education released guidances to support head teachers in the banning of smartphones in...

Banning Smartphones in England’s Schools: An Alternative Solution

The Department of Education of England has released new guidance to guide head teachers to mitigate the distractions...

Best Practices to Maintain Classes in Google Classroom

Hey fellow educators! Let’s talk about tidying up our Google Classroom spaces and bid farewell to our digital...

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