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What is an EdTech Superhero?

They’re everywhere, some easily spotted, some working in the background and going unnoticed. It is someone who works in education who impacts positive change and brings delight to the people they work with, both students and fellow educators through their work with technology.

We’re striving to shine the light on educators around the world as they shape our future.

Whether that is you yourself have or you know of someone who you think of frequently when using technology – we’d love to hear about them!

Some of our alumni

Women in Education Stepping into Their Power in a Post-Pandemic World

Inspiring pearls of wisdom from Kumeshnee West.

Kumeshnee West is the Director of Executive...

Rebuilding Relationships in the Classroom with Steve

When you meet Steve Bollar, you’re left with a lasting impression of his infectious energy for...

Making EdTech Easier with Dr Monica Burns

Hello and welcome to the Women's Month edition of our EdTech Superhero series.

Our latest EdTech...

The Next EdTech Superhero

Our EdTech Superhero Series

The Impact of Google Cloud on Digital Learning

It’s no secret that Google is all-in on education. Their focus and innovation in the educational space around the...

The World of Education as an IT Professional

Meet Diego Saenz Morales, our latest Edtech Superhero.

Diego is an IT Specialist at the International School of...

New Partner: Equinox Technologies

Mobile Guardian is delighted to announce Equinox Technologies as a new partner in our global partner...

Navigating the World of IT and Design with Julien Rovira

Meet Julien Rovira, our latest Edtech Superhero.

Julien has been a long-standing educator since 2002. His journey to...

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