New Partner: Equinox Technologies

Mobile Guardian is delighted to announce Equinox Technologies as a new partner in our global partner network!

Equinox is a leader in cybersecurity and cloud computing in the Middle East that strives to drive the latest standards and implementation practices in cybersecurity. As a Mobile Guardian partner, Equinox will be perfectly placed to ensure their clients’ digital assets with Mobile Guardian. This will further empower the organisation to achieve this at scale and with ease.

We’re excited to be growing Mobile Guardian’s presence in the Middle East at a time when the demand for our learning device management and virtual classroom solutions continues to grow rapidly.

“I am pleased to have the Equinox Technologies team headed by a Visionary leader with the calibre to lead our foray front-ending our platform across the MEA region. Jeevan has the experience, leadership, and relationships to build lasting partnerships with stakeholders, driving our innovative platform’s channel-centric business to new heights.”

Liam Edwards, Head of Channel at Mobile Guardian

Mobile Guardian is an award-winning, cloud-based mobile device management platform that supports the leading mobile devices in education. We offer user-based roles for IT administrators, teachers and parents, enabling students to learn from anywhere with an internet connection.

As our new partner, Equinox will be working with Mobile Guardian to provide IT services to the Education sector and upgrades that will better support students and schools in the Middle East Region.

“We are honoured to represent the Mobile Guardian, a powerful, mobile device management (MDM) solution that supports the leading mobile devices in education. Through this collaboration, we’re able to strengthen our mobility and cybersecurity services offerings, and the association is aimed at delivering value with the customer at the centre of the ‘heart of progress’.”

Jeevan NV, CEO of Equinox

We’re delighted to have you on the Mobile Guardian Team, Equinox Technologies, and we are looking forward to working together to ensure every device in the hand of every student is protected.

Contact the Equinox Technologies Mobility Security Team here.

You can also contact them directly at


Panashe Goteka

Team Mobile Guardian


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