New Partner: Omnia Infosys

Mobile Guardian is delighted to announce Omnia as a new partner. With a 20 year history of delivering software services to industries from education to hospitality, Omnia is an experienced and well-established technology company. One we’re excited to have joining our global network.

Omnia Educación provides complete technology transformation services for schools. Offering solutions that cover acquisition and implementation of hardware, software and devices to schools. Not only offering services, but they also seek to assist with the administration and training of teachers and IT administrators in the use and management of mobile devices in education. 

“Due to their extensive track-record and ability to provide a full accompaniment of services, Omnia is a valuable addition to our expanding partner network in Iberia. Their presence and experience within the Canary Islands IT sector is exceptional, and we’re very much looking forward to the relationship we will develop in the coming years.” Ignacio de Asla, Iberia & LATAM Sales Manager

We’re delighted to have you on the Mobile Guardian Team Omnia, and are looking forward to a successful relationship. 

Team Mobile Guardian  



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