Manage Windows devices in your classroom

Windows Mobile Device Management for devices in and out of the classroom with Mobile Guardian. Purpose-built for education, Mobile Guardian is a cloud-based mobile device management application designed for K-12 schools that offers educators a host of benefits. Discover more about our easy-to-use solution below.


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Top of the class!

Mobile Guardian helps teachers keep students on track. Eliminate online distractions from lessons and gain an extra pair of hands in the digital classroom.

The District Dashboard

The District Dashboard is designed for at-scale device management of hundreds of schools.

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Live Screen Views

Help students stay on track and focused with live screen views. With just one click, teachers can dismiss distracting tabs directly from the teacher dashboard and refocus students on the task at hand, saving valuable time.

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Eyes Up

Get your class’s attention at the touch of a button. Educators can shift classroom attention to them by displaying a block screen on each device and requesting that students look up at their teacher.

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Activity Timeline Tracking

Using the timeline you can ensure all students are on the same page. Scroll back through the class to see how the class spent their time and identify students who might be struggling and need extra help.

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Windows Learning Environment?
Discover how Mobile Guardian suits you.

Manage Windows with Mobile Guardian

Safeguard and secure Windows devices

 Support Windows devices in your district or school with a host of easy-to-use features.

Remotely Push Content

From your dashboard, push content like URLs, Youtube links and class content to all your Windows devices.

Shared Device & Student Linking

Easily manage shared device programs by linking multiple students to individual devices for unique user controls.

Managed Application Deployment

Through Mobile Guardian and Windows
InTune, applications and programs may be
deployed to student devices with ease.

Safe Web Filtering

Control and limit web access on Windows devices using keyword and URL filtering. Teachers can grant temporary access to sites during a lesson.

Time & Location Restrictions

Set device usage restrictions relative to device location and the time of day, to ensure flexible and fluid device management processes.

Microsoft Intune Integration

Integrate Microsoft InTune with Mobile
Guardian for an effortless migration and
enrolment process.

Location tracking

Track devices and locate missing devices, lockdown stolen devices, reset passwords and track its location.

Screen Share

Teachers may present a concept to the class through screen share for clear communication and presentation.

Device Usage Reports

Understand Student Device usage history with web filter reports, application usage reports and changes to settings reports.

Microsoft OneDrive Integration

Easily distribute class content to students via OneDrive for quick and easy sharing of Word, Excel and PowerPoint files with students.

Our Solutions

The complete set. Everything educators need to safeguard, manage and transform mobile devices into powerful 1:1 learning tools.

Enrol devices and users, reset devices and passwords with our remote device management software.

Manage supported by Mobile Guardian

A vital, online protection layer for K-12 schools. A dynamic and comprehensive, CIPA-compliant filter that protects students online.

Safer supported by Mobile Guardian

Easily manage and structure lessons, eliminate distractions and unlock the learning potential of your Windows devices.

Learn Supported by Mobile Guardian

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