4 Tips To Help Students Stay Engaged In The Classroom

4 Tips to help students stay engaged in the classroom

For a teacher, the task of trying to keep their students engaged can be a difficult challenge to tackle. Teachers are constantly battling against distractions, laziness and a lack of motivation. Many teens are said to associate school with negative…

Mobile Guardian In The Community

Mobile Guardian in the community

The Mobile Guardian team were in Glasgow Maryhill area this month, working with our local community. The team spent a day out of office getting their hands dirty as they helped the team at Loretto Care with their Growing Homes…

Top 5 Trends In US EdTech

Top 5 trends in US EdTech

Mobile Guardian will be visiting the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) conference 2017 which is taking place in San Antonio on June 25th- 28th. With this exciting event taking place, we have been looking at the top 5…

How To Create An Acceptable Usage Policy

How to create an Acceptable Usage Policy

Mobile devices and online resources provides teachers and students with access to lots of great learning opportunities, and in an ideal world, that’s all they would be used for. However, inappropriate content, cyber bullying and improper use of digital privileges…

What Are Geofences And How Do They Protect Children

What are geofences and how do they protect children

Despite the increasing popularity of mobile devices both in and out of school, there is still concern about how we protect children in the digital world. Thankfully there are lots of ways that technology can be used to help keep…

Top 5 Tips For Staying Safe Online

Top 5 tips for staying safe online

Technology has evolved rapidly over the last few decades and has become prevalent in our daily life, so much so over 3 billion people across the globe are using the internet. With an estimated 2.34billion people in the world using…

Register For A RM Seminar To Learn More About RM Connect

Register for a RM Seminar to learn more about RM Connect

We're thrilled to be supporting our partners RM Education to promote RM Connect - powered by Mobile Guardian - at RM Seminars across the UK this spring. We will be joining RM Education at ten seminars across the country where you can…

How Education Technology Has Changed The Classroom

How education technology has changed the classroom

Technology and education have always gone hand in hand, from the early days of Gutenberg’s printing press to the cloud-based learning of today. As such, it’s only natural for technological developments to impact education on a fundamental level. In this…

Tips For Managing Android Devices In The Classroom

Tips for managing Android devices in the classroom

Children are familiar with mobile devices from practically the day they are born, so it’s no surprise they’ve found their way into the classroom. Many children in your school likely own an Android operated phone or tablet, which is why…

Best Practice Application Control – Blocking Doesn’t Conquer All

Best practice application control – blocking doesn’t conquer all

We live in a world where young people and children are digital natives. They have always known connected devices to be a part of their lives. This familiarity with technology offers incredible versatility and teaching opportunities in a school environment,…

Tips For Managing Chromebooks In The Classroom

Tips for managing Chromebooks in the classroom

In our last blog we delved into teacher tips for managing iPads in the classroom. If you read the title and thought to yourself, “but my class uses Chromebooks, what about us?” – fear not. In today’s blog post we’ll…

Tips For Managing IPads In The Classroom

Tips for managing iPads in the classroom

As many teachers know, mobile devices are a staple in the modern classroom. One device in particular, however, has carved its place as king (or queen) of the classroom for its usability, child-friendliness, and immense educational potential: the iPad. Anyone…

BETT Sessions: Ones To Watch

BETT sessions: Ones to watch

Each year, BETT is full of Educators, Innovators, Evangelists and Change-Makers, but sometimes you have to hunt for them. BETT has a full range of areas to listen to and speak with, people who are using technology to have a…

Tips For BETT 2017

Tips for BETT 2017

Once again the BETT Show is nearly here, one of the largest education tradeshows in the world, held each year at ExCeL in London. BETT is a fantastic experience but it can be made better by listening to the experience…

Join Us At BETT For Our Interactive Classroom Sessions

Join us at BETT for our interactive classroom sessions

Visit Mobile Guardian at BETT this year where we will be recreating the digital classroom and running interactive sessions; with students on stand B409 This year at BETT we're putting our Mobile Device Management software to the test as we…

Education Technology Predictions For 2017

Education Technology Predictions for 2017

Over the last decade, technology has fundamentally altered practically every aspect of our lives – from business and socialising, to learning and education. Considering the exponential rate at which technology develops and integrates into public life, there’s good reason to…

What You Need To Know About ESafety In Schools

What you need to know about eSafety in schools

As society embraces technology like the internet and smartphones, it’s easy to focus on the good. But just as mobile technology can illuminate, enlighten and inform, so can it harm, belittle and radicalise. This is especially the case in a…

Top Tips For Managing Devices In The Classroom

Top tips for managing devices in the classroom

The days of students secretly passing notes behind the teacher's back are in steady decline. Instead, students are tech-savvy and online, using their smartphones and iPads to send each other instant messages, tweet, snap, google – you name it. While…

How To Create Responsible Digital Citizens

How to create Responsible Digital Citizens

People in the modern world live two very distinct lives. There’s the person who wakes up every morning, has breakfast and goes out into the world to work, study and socialise with other people. As a culture, we know this…

What To Look For In Your Mobile Device Management For Education

What to look for in your Mobile Device Management for education

The school environment has changed dramatically over the past decade. Mobile devices are more prolific than ever, with children receiving their first one at an increasingly young age – 10.3 years, on average. Considering the increase in Bring Your Own…

Mobile Guardian Features Update

Mobile Guardian Features Update

We have had a busy few months at Mobile Guardian, developing some great new features, control’s and settings. The latest version of Mobile Guardian simplifies and changes how you approach Mobile Device Management. It can be hard to choose an…

Embracing The Device Mesh In Education

Embracing the Device Mesh in Education

The Device Mesh, one of Gartners Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends of 2016, is now unavoidable in modern life and most notably in Education, and is a trend which must be understood and embraced by educational establishments. What is the…

Digital Parenting – Teaching Children About Technology And The Risks

Digital Parenting – teaching children about technology and the risks

We always welcome working with schools on eSafety, especially when it comes with supporting agencies and schools in their delivery of Get Safe Online. That is one reason why Tony Sheppard, our new Technology Manager, took a trip to Chesterfield…

Book Your Live Demo At Your Local RM Seminar

Book your live demo at your local RM Seminar

Learn how Mobile Guardian can transform the way you deliver your digital curriculum Mobile Guardian is excited to announce that we’ll be exhibiting at RM Seminars across the UK this November and providing live demos of our cloud-based,  mobile device…

Mobile Device Management For Parents

Mobile Device Management for Parents

Monitor and control devices at home for complete security and parental control We recognise that there is a technology 'generation gap' and that some tech savvy youngsters can run cyber rings around their parents and teachers. And as a result…



London, UK: Mobile Guardian, a company that provides teachers and parents with advanced software to protect children when they are using smartphones and tablets, has unveiled an interactive Teacher Dashboard. Mobile Guardian CEO Patrick Lawson says that while no one…

Empower Your Teachers With Mobile Guardian

Empower your teachers with Mobile Guardian

Take complete control of the Digital Classroom We appreciate the explosion of devices in the classroom demands a new era of teaching, benefits, possibilities and challenges. The digital classroom brings multiple opportunities for learning and teachers are now tasked with…

Why You Need Mobile Guardian At School

Why you need Mobile Guardian at School

Safeguard students, empower teachers, support IT and offer parental inclusion With Mobile Guardian, schools (or in fact any educational establishment…) can deploy, manage and secure mobile devices both in the classroom and at home to deliver a boundless, dynamic and…

Secure And Mange School And Home Owned Devices – Regardless Of Location!

Secure and mange school and home owned devices – regardless of location!

Discover the Mobile Guardian Difference Here at Mobile Guardian, we understand that the growing number of electronic devices you need to manage brings with them a growing number of challenges, including an increased amount of budget and support… That's why…


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