Web Filtering in Education

Web Filtering in education is a powerful and dynamic way of keeping students safe and undistracted online. Whether during a lesson or after school, Mobile Guardian’s Web Filtering offers schools a comprehensive yet simple way of filtering undesirable and harmful online content.

Whether you’re rolling out 8 000 new devices, or looking to restrict and safeguard browsing on older devices, Mobile Guardian empowers teachers to keep their students safe in all online environments.

Cloud-based and completely independent of onsite technology, Mobile Guardian’s Web Filtering tools ensure your students remain safe while learning and browsing online.

Web Filtering Functionality

Seeking to provide your students with a safe and focused online learning environment? 

Mobile Guardian’s Web Filtering tools allow for the creation of extensive and dynamic web browsing controls. Ensuring that students not only stay safe but that their attention isn’t stolen away by distracting online videos or browser-based games.

Our Premium Web Filtering solution allows users to filter content according to Category, Keyword, URL or YouTube channel.

These various forms of filter application ensure students are guarded against undesirable content, as well as able to learn in an uninterrupted, structured, academic environment. 

Web Filtering in education is by its nature requires an extensive and vast array of websites to be restricted and controlled. Through access to our comprehensive database of URLs, schools and educators are able to provide a powerful layer of security that is easily adjusted and applied. 

With over 10 billion URLs intelligently categorised, to restrict and limit harmful content, Mobile Guardian Web Filtering tools offer a comprehensive Web filtering solution for educational environments.

Regardless of the lesson structure or particular source of information, our extensive database of URLs applies these limits to the online activity of students.

How does Web Filtering in Education work?

The following web filtering methods enables schools to create dynamic control over the content and websites their student’s access. These methods provide educators and administrators with different methods to implement their ePolicies.

Filter by:  

  • Website Categories
  • Pre-defined Keywords & School Defined Keywords
  • URL
  • YouTube Channel 

However you approach online safety, Mobile Guardian allows for a customised and unique solution to keep undesirable content from your student’s devices.

Here’s an example of how you may set up your Web Filtering controls.

The URLs in our database are grouped according to Website Categories, enabling the broad application of restrictions to particular content. 

  • Should the category “Games” be blacklisted, no content categorised as such will be accessible via students devices, wherever they are located.
  • In addition to this, blacklisting the keyword “Fortnite” will ensure that no form of content related to Fortnite is accessible.

This double-measure will prevent students from accessing any games on their device, and any content related to or containing the keyword Fortnite.

This combination of measures provides a multi-phased approach to ensuring that the devices are safe, secure, and distraction-free.

Are Students Protected At All Times?

Another powerful characteristic of Mobile Guardian’s Web Filtering tools is that they work on and off the school network. 

Allowing the limitation of content on devices whether they’re on the school network, or using personal data. Regardless of the device’s connection, the device will remain safe and filtered when Mobile Guardian is installed on the device.

Create an online shield of protection for your students, whether at school, at home or at a friend’s house for a study group.

Mobile Guardian is dedicated to ensuring that students remain safe online, regardless of their location.

To experience this tool for yourself, sign up for a Free 14-Day Trial here.



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