Why pick Android devices for your school?

Have you considered Android devices for your school?

Whether you’re just starting out with buying devices or you need to add some new edtech to your fleet, you might want to take a look at the wide range of Android devices out there for your school. There are plenty of good reasons why you should go for this operating system in your school. And one of them is that Mobile Guardian can help you with Android device management.

So why pick Android?

You simply cannot beat the wide range of choices when it comes to Android mobile devices for schools. There are numerous companies that manufacture tablets and mobile phones that use Android as their operating system. This means that you can find the exact devices you need, and get the right option for your budget.

The tech-savvy also love Android devices because they give you a lot more flexibility in terms of customisation. You can really play around with how the device looks, how it is set up and how you use it. This means that you can turn the devices into multi-purpose teaching tools.

When it comes to apps for Android, you won’t believe the selection. All the major educational apps or suites of apps are available in the Google Play Store. You’ll find a wide range of apps that will really bring a lesson to life. Just check out these great, free options that are perfect for STEM learning. What’s more, you could even build your own app and put it up on the Playstore.

Mobile Guardian can help with Android device management

The Mobile Guardian Schools platform really is the one-stop-shop on the market for Mobile Device Management (MDM). It’s a multi-OS solution that makes Android device management simplified and completely secure. And we have so many features to help teachers, IT managers, and schools to get the most out of their device fleet.

  • Block and filter apps

Ensure that only approved apps are on any device in your fleet with this feature. You can set district-wide permissions or get more specific for your school or even for a grade or year, or a single class.

  • Kiosk mode (COSU)

This feature allows you to lock down one or several devices so that they can only use a single app. It’s great to use for tests and exams because it keeps students focused on the task at hand. It also cuts out the possibility of using the device to cheat.

  • Web filtering

Use this to protect your students and uphold your school’s eSafety policy by preventing access to potentially harmful or distracting websites. Permissions can be set using categories, keywords or URLs. What’s more, the filtering is done on each device, meaning it will apply no matter where or when the device is being used.

  • Location tracking

We know that it’s essential for you to know where your school’s devices are at all times. All you need to do is log on to your Mobile Guardian dashboard and you can pinpoint exactly where each device is.

  • Device messaging

Send messages to your students from the dashboard on your device. You can chat to one specific student or the entire class, or even the whole school. This feature is great for keeping everyone up to date on the latest news about a school or class event. Teachers can also talk to students privately to ensure that they are keeping up with a lesson.

  • Remote app handling

There is no need to physically deal with any of your devices when it comes to setting them up. With Mobile Guardian, you can push apps to one, some or all of your devices from the dashboard thanks to silent app installation. You can also uninstall apps or wipe a device completely without touching it. This is great for preparing a device for a new year as the student moves up through the grades.

  • Restrict functionality

Disable the camera, Bluetooth connectivity and even the ability to turn the device into a WiFi hotspot, all from the dashboard on your own device. These restrictions will effectively transform any device into a distraction-free learning tool.

Get teaching with Android

When you take into account the wide range of choices and price points, it’s easy to see why devices with this operating system are so popular in schools. Couple that with effective Android device management, and you have a complete solution for edtech in your school. If you’d like to find out more about utilising android devices in your school, contact us and we’ll happily guide you through the process. 


Robyn Hobson

Team Mobile Guardian


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