Enhance your learning program

Further benefit from your WizKids Google Chrome License with Mobile Guardian’s device management solutions.

Designed for Education our Classroom Management, Web Filtering, and Mobile Device Management tools will create secure and focused learning environments for your students.

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Future proof your technology investments

Mobile Guardian is a flexible and powerful mobile device management solution, designed for education. Used in conjunction with a Google Workspace for Eduaction license, Mobile Guardian is able to provide incredible benefits for your learning program. Our cloud-based software solution provides your device strategy with the flexibility required to get a complete return on your hardware investments.

Create focused and flexible online classrooms

Google Workspace Integration

Mobile Guardian integrates with Google Workspace for Education, making the synchronisation of organisational units simple & easy.

Google Classroom Sync

Class rosters from Google may be easily synchronised to make the enrolment process much simpler.


Mobile Guardian is able to benefit your learning environment, regardless of operating system.


Mobile Guardian's features ensure that students remain on task and focused while learning online, whether at school or at home.


Multi-OS cloud-based functionality supports Chrome OS, Android, iOS & macOS devices on a single dashboard.


The cloud-based nature of Mobile Guardian allows you to save on hardware costs, and implement safe online environments, regardless of the device's location or type of internet connection.

Designed for Education

Mobile Guardian was designed specifically for education, making the perfect companion for digital educational environments.

A complete software suite designed for education. Including Classroom Management tools, Web Filtering and an MDM toolset to ensure your school is able to transform your mobile device investment. The suite includes Learn, Safer and Manage.

Learn offers classroom management tools that provide teachers with a way to easily manage and structure lessons in a remote or physical classroom.

Discover the difference it can make to your 1:1 program.

A Web Filter that provides a vital, cloud-based, online layer for K-12 schools. Protect the entire mix of school and take home devices with Safer. A dynamic and comprehensive, CIPA-compliant web filtering solution.

Cloud-based, multi-OS device management to make life easier. Manage thousands of 1:1 devices, quickly action tasks, set permissions and ensure device software is up to date.

Customer success stories

Cripps J.
Deputy Principal

“Support is always helpful and they explain things in a way that isn't too technical but understandable.”

Daniel C.
Instructional Technology Coordinator

"It has been a very beneficial relationship. The customer service has been fantastic. Whenever we have had questions or concerns, we have received prompt and personalized support."

Falcon R.
IT Manager

“One of the immediate benefits was that device management was simplified in our school.”

Jacques J. D.
Lead Science & Technology Teacher

"Mobile Guardian has exceeded our expectations! We now have geo-tracking and real-time, web activity monitoring capability allowing us to keep students on task. I highly recommend this to any educational institution that is considering using this product."

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