10 Great EduTwitter voices to follow

10 Great EduTwitter voices to follow

Ever heard of EduTwitter? It’s one of the best resources online for tips, tricks, resources, advice and general help when it comes to EdTech. You can learn from the best in the business, and join a community of teachers who want to be there for each other on Twitter.

We took a look at some of the top names using #EduTwitter, #AppleEDU, #GSuiteforEducation and #GoogleEdu. These guys know what they’re talking about and are also a lot of fun to follow.



One of the biggest names in EduTwitter, Holly Clark is a must-follow. Clark isn’t just a Google certified educator, she wrote the book! She’s one of the co-authors on The Google Infused Classroom. Her timeline is full of tweets about learning sessions (online and in the real world), groups to join and online resources to help boost the way teachers use EdTech in the classroom.


J. Grocott is a fairly big name in education on Twitter. He tweets a lot about wellbeing in schools and started the massive movement of #FFBWednesday. The FFB stands for Follow Follow Back – a counter to the idea of just talking about who to follow and rather create a community of people who follow each other. Grocott also likes to retweet useful articles and tips for teaching in the modern world.


lice Keeler’s Twitter timeline is stuffed full of tips, new concepts and resources for the Google classroom. It’s a great feed for teachers who need some new inspiration or methods for being smarter with G Suite for Education. Keeler is also a developer. She actually makes great tools specifically for use in the classroom


Mark Anderson is one of the biggest names in EduTwitter globally. He regularly tweets about his favourite apps to use in the classroom as a way to help teachers boost what they’re doing in their own classes. He also retweets other teachers or EdTech innovators who he thinks are doing interesting or useful things. It’s a great follow to help you stay up to date on trends.


Don’t let Beth Evans’ comparatively low following fool you. Her Twitter feed is a valuable resource, full of amazing drawings about classroom concepts. She is also becoming a big voice in digital transformation, showing teachers how to use the apps in G Suite and what Chrome extensions they should be getting.


Al Kingsley has a strong focus on EdTech in his timeline and wants teachers to learn how to use it effectively in a classroom. He is, in fact, Mark Anderson’s co-author on A Guide to Creating a Digital Strategy in Education. There are also plenty of retweets on his timeline from some of the top online resources, events and conferences for EdTech.


Tony Vincent is a pretty big name in EduTwitter. He creates a lot of tools that teachers can use in the classroom, as well as tweeting about other tools that he has discovered online. His timeline is a cornucopia of fun, useful and essential classroom tools that can be used on G Suite for Education, and on other platforms.


Chrissy Romano Arrabito is a teacher and a writer who focuses on EdTech. She also has a strong focus on wellbeing and how to deal with introverts in a classroom with her #quietkidscount movement. Arrabito tweets a lot about strategies and techniques teachers can use to inspire kids. She is also a GoogleEdu trainer, giving her plenty of crossover in her advice between traditional teaching and modern EdTech.


If we’re talking about EduTwitter and the use of G Suite for Education, then we have to include the official account for Google for Education. Here, you’ll find a timeline full of ways to use the apps in G Suite, great tips and tricks for teaching, and excellent resources for learning how to incorporate EdTech in your classroom.


The other big official Twitter account you should be following is Apple Education. The account is focused on innovation in the teaching sphere, as well as giving educators inspiration for how to use EdTech in the classroom. It’s also a great place to learn about the latest updates in the Apple world when it comes to education.


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At Mobile Guardian, we love how Twitter has become this amazing space for learning, growing, sharing and collaborating for teachers. Being able to be part of EduTwitter as an EdTech provider is a great privilege and we love to learn about how you use your mobile device management solution to make your classes more exciting and innovative.



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