9 fantastic #GoogleEdu voices on Twitter

9 fantastic #GoogleEdu voices on Twitter

Google really does seem to have taken over just about everything tech related, especially the EdTech world. Their range of tools for the classroom are exceptional and it’s hardly surprising that they’re used by teachers around the world. If you’re looking to get started with G Suite for Education, or you already have but want to see what else you can do with these tools, then you should check out the top GoogleEdu voices on Twitter.

We’ve put together a list of our top 9 Twitter accounts who chat all things #GoogleEdu:


If you want to know what’s going on at the intersection where Google meets education, then the official Google for Education account should be your next follow. You’ll be the first in the know about new products and updates, as well as news from Google. The account also shares great information to help inspire teachers.


As the co-author of The Google Infused Classroom, Holly Clark is a must-follow on Twitter in the GoogleEdu conversation. Her timeline is full of information about various apps and EdTech tools that are turning the modern classroom into a very exciting place. She’s also great at taking time out to chat to people and give advice wherever she can.


Lisa Highfill ticks all the right boxes to weigh in on the GoogleEdu conversation. She is a teacher, a tech coach, a YouTube Star Teacher and Google certified innovator. Her feed is full of carefully curated retweets from experts and her own thoughts on teaching in the modern era.


Jake Miller is a self-professed #gSuiteEdu nerd, as well as being a former STEM teacher and a current authorised GoogleEdu trainer. His point of view is great because he understands and has knowledge of both sides – the teacher and the EdTech specialist. On his feed, you’ll find plenty of tips and articles on how to get the most out of EdTech in your classroom.


Lisa Thumann is another top authority on all things related to Google for Education. She is a certified trainer and innovator for the search engine giant, and her Twitter feed shows off all her knowledge. You’ll find an array of tips, advice and solutions in the form of her own thoughts and those she has curated from various other top voices on the subject.


The self-proclaimed nerds are definitely winning the day on #GoogleEdu! Susan Stewart calls herself a super nerd, on top of being a teacher and a certified Google trainer and innovator. Her feed focuses largely on kindergarten and younger grades, giving great advice on getting youngsters interacting and learning through EdTech.


Michael Fricano II seems to love EdTech tools – showing them off, giving advice on how best to use them and chatting to others about what they’re doing with the tools. It’s no surprise then that Fricano is a product expert and trainer in the GoogleEdu space. He’s also big into the world of AR and VR, and their applications in the education world.


Jon Neale believes in making sure that Ed always comes before Tech. However, he is also a certified trainer and innovator for GoogleEdu, so he knows how to make the EdTech really come together in the classroom. You’ll find plenty of advice about Google products and how to use them effectively on his Twitter timeline.


BookWidgets is a great resource for teachers. The company creates adaptable exercise templates that work on a range of different devices. You can use these templates to build wonderful lessons for your students, and use their Twitter feed for advice and tips on how best to make the templates work for you. BookWidgets is an official partner of @GoogleForEdu, so you can rest assured that their content is good.

Discover #GoogleEdu on Twitter

With a community like the GoogleEdu # on Twitter, you never have to worry about not knowing what tool to use or lack of inspiration for your classroom. There are so many great people and accounts for you to follow and interact with. We certainly do so regularly at Mobile Guardian. We love to know what teachers are up to around the world and how they’re using the EdTech available.



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