8 of the Best Math Apps for Android

The multitude of apps that are available today can make it a long process of trial and error to find an app that suits. To help, we have put together 8 of our best Math apps for Android.

Math can be a notoriously difficult subject, so if a student can solve a problem without struggling, it can encourage the best out of them across their learning. Luckily, there are some great math apps out there designed to explain and walk through different methods to understand the complexities of calculus, the tricks of trigonometry and the puzzles within Pythagoras.

We explored some of the best maths apps for Android devices and selected ones which are sure to make the problem-solving subject fun and easy to understand, covering apps for all age groups. From basics to serious graphing and more!.

Our best Math apps for Android:

1. MalMath

This is an app which takes mathematics problems and solves them with thorough instructions, taking students from issue to answer to insight in simple, well-explained steps. As a free app, one of the best features it offers is its powerful offline capabilities, meaning students can continue to learn without worrying if they’re without the internet.


2. GeoGebra Classic

This one tackles geometry, spreadsheets, digital algebra and probability and puts them neatly together in a simple, user-friendly package. Graphs are a key focus on this app, making it easy for students to plot out coordinates and practically analyse points on the Cartesian plane.


3. Mathlab’s Graphing Calculator


You know those bulky graphing calculators always on the school list? With the Graphing Calculator app, they don’t need to be a necessary expense anymore. Mathlab’s clever app integrates the technology of a scientific graphing calculator and combines algebra into an easy-to-use tool compatible on almost any Android device.



4. Photomath

Covering a range from basic math to calculus and trigonometry, Photomath is a great Android app to help explain tricky math sets. It uses a smartphone’s camera pointed at a math problem, analyses the information and gives a detailed-step-by-step answer and explanation. It’s a free tool and has the fantastic functionality of working offline when using the basic core service.


5. Brainly

“For students. By students.” That’s the motto for this one, and it holds! It’s an app that takes social networking and combines it with math support to offer a platform where students can ask questions about their math assignments and other students can help. Students love it because there’s a social aspect and teachers appreciate how it offers a forum for students to deepen their own learning by teaching others. As a free app, customer support is also refreshingly positive with agents ready to assist if there’s a problem.


6. Komodo Maths

This app has families and younger primary school children in mind. Designed by teachers, Komodo aims to set up a solid maths foundation through personalised plans drawn up by qualified teachers. With game-based rewards mechanisms in place, learning math is made fun and takes the sting out of the struggle of a problem! Komodo also focuses on foundational understanding, making sure children master the basics before they move on to the more complex mathematical problems.


7. Rocket Math

Launching children to success, Rocket Math is a fun app which has entertainment as its backbone for learning. The game-based approach offers a fantastic way for children to learn math quickly without frustration if they hit an obstacle in answering a problem. With simple mechanics, it’s an easy-to-use app to help students hone and deepen their math skills.


8. Prodigy

Another fun app to spark the excitement in learning, this one is a free, fantasy-based math game for children to practice the basics. One of the best features of this app is the reporting system, making it easy for teachers and parents to identify and target the areas a student is struggling with. Designed with elementary-aged students in mind, there is a wide range of skill levels in the curriculum-aligned app, making it suitable from grades 1-8.



We hope this article helped you find a few more and have some ideas of the best Math apps available for Android.

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