2020 | June Release

Another release is here! With new features and improvements, the release was largely focused on improving our education solution and as always, our ultimate goal with each release is to make our products even more intuitive for our users. 

Before we dig in, these certainly are strange times that we find ourselves in and we hope that wherever you are, you and your loved ones are safe. We want to reassure our customers that all our teams have successfully transitioned to work-from-home and that you can expect the usual high levels of service you have come to know from Mobile Guardian,

While most of the world has been in lockdown, we have found ourselves busier than ever. We have appointed a new Head of Asia Pacific, completed a funding raise and been named as a finalist in a prestigious edtech awards program.  

Right, let’s unpack some of the highlights, shall we?



  • Classroom Management

    • Android | Live Screen Views

Teachers can now see all their student’s screens from the dashboard. At the start of a class, devices will prompt students to share their screens. Once shared, the teacher will be able to all the screens of devices within their class. You can find out more about the Classroom tools available on our Mobile Guardian for Android page, or visit our Knowledge Base

    • Google Classes | Sync Google Classes

Teachers can now sync their classes within Google Classroom across to their Mobile Guardian dashboard. This will pull in all relevant class records including students. View more about this in our Roster Sync article in the Knowledge Base.

    • Reports | Class Web Browser Report on Dashboard 

Teachers can now view a report on web browser activity for all events that happened in their class. They can filter this report by classes. Teachers can action items within the browser history report, like blocking websites and categories. These actions will be recorded in the audit logs. View our Knowledge Base article for more about the classroom Web Browser report here. 

  • Ecommerce Pricing Update

    • We have rolled out a pricing update for our education solution on ecommerce. You can view updated pricing for our education products here.


  • District / Multi-School Management

    • Chromebook | District Management  

When adding a district configuration file, administrators now have the option to choose whether or not to sync users and devices. When a district administrator adds a school configuration, they can choose to upload a new JSON configuration or use the configuration set for the district.

    • Reports | Web Filtering & Instant Actions

District administrators can now see a comprehensive web filter report which they can filter by school name. Administrators can action items (e.g block and allow websites and categories, and adding search terms to blocked keywords) from the web filter reports, however these will only apply to the school where that particular device profile exists. If the profile applies to the whole district, administrators will be alerted to this and the action will apply across all schools in the district. 

Below is a complete list of actions that administrators can now take from the web-filter report at district, school, class and individual device level:

      • Add full url to whitelist/blacklist
      • Add wildcard domain to whitelist/blacklist
      • Add category (per category flagged) to whitelist/blacklist
      • Remove all blocked words from this profile
      • Remove all blocked words from this profile and school list
      • Add all words to this profile
      • Add all words to this profile and school list
      • Add search term to blocked keywords

View more about District Web Filter Reports in our Knowledge Base.

  • Bug Fixes

Included in this release are a few bug fixes, as well as a bit of polish across the entirety of our product set. Users can expect to enjoy a more seamless experience across all Operating Systems. 

Look out for improvements on the dashboard and, as always, if there’s a feature you’d like to see, please let us know. 



The Mobile Guardian Team


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