Celebrating Four Category Finalist Accolades in the EdTech Digest Awards 2023

As we close out the first quarter, we’re delighted to announce that Mobile Guardian has been named a finalist in multiple categories in the EdTech Digest Awards of 2023.

Alongside other innovative, educational technology companies, Mobile Guardian has been recognised as a finalist for four different categories for our stand-out Solutions.

  1. In the “Security (cybersecurity, student safety) solution” Category, Mobile Guardian’s Safer Solution.
  2. In the “Classroom Management Solution” Category, our Modes Feature, which is part of our Learn Solution.
  3. In the “E-learning, blended, flipped solution or remote solution” Category, Mobile Guardian’s ability to support remote learning was recognised in the full feature set available in our Campus Solution.
  4. Our powerful Manage Solution was recognised in the Device Management Category for its functionality.

Mobile Guardian’s Solutions as Finalists in the EdTech Awards 2023

The Edtech Awards is the largest recognition program of its kind that is focused on educational technology. Each year the awards shine a light on innovators, leaders, and trendsetters that transform and enrich students’ lives through technology within Education.

In particular, the Cool Tool awards acknowledge the best, new, and emerging technology solutions for classrooms around the world.

Security Solution – Safer by Mobile Guardian

The Security (cybersecurity, student safety) Solution Category recognises technology that provides students with safe online learning environments.

Safer by Mobile Guardian is a cloud-based web filtering solution designed for K-12 schools to do just that.

Safer empowers educators to create safe and focused learning environments by limiting student devices to class-relevant content and websites, whether learning at school or from home.

Safer’s Stand-out Cloud-based Web Filtering functionality includes YouTube web filtering, Time & Location-based restrictions, multi-byte character and multilingual filtering, and a constantly updated database of rater content to ensure that students all around the world remain safe and distraction-free online.

Classroom Management Solution – Modes by Mobile Guardian

The Classroom Management Solution Category focuses on Cool Tools that impact EdTech classrooms around the world in order to drive learning in the digital classroom.

Mobile Guardian’s Modes feature impacts the classroom like no other. Modes unites all the features of modern classroom management and web filtering solutions, into one, easy-to-use tool.

Educators simply specify which web content and applications will be allowed during class, and the rest will be blocked – simple as that.

Teachers can create Modes during class, to easily and quickly implement a quiz or testing environment to round off a class, as well as plan out and prepare Modes suitable for each of their classes.

Find out more about the benefits and functionality of Modes here.

E-learning, Blended, Flipped Solution or Remote Solution – Campus by Mobile Guardian

The E-learning, Blended, Flipped Solution or Remote Solution Category seeks to highlight EdTech solutions that empower students and educators to continue learning and teaching in e-learning, blended, flipped or remote learning environments.

Mobile Guardian’s complete solution, Campus, offers educators all the tools required to ensure that learning may continue, wherever students and teachers may be.

Campus includes mobile device management (MDM) features, classroom management tools, cloud-based web filtering, and linked parental controls to provide classrooms with all the tools required for a modern classroom.

Supported by Mobile Guardian’s solution, Campus, Christel House South Africa was able to achieve a 100% pass rate and 80.5% bachelor pass (their highest ever) of Grade 12 students in 2021 and they only missed 3 academic days throughout the whole of 2020.

With Mobile Guardian as the cornerstone of their mobile device management strategy, Christel House South Africa was able to effectively lead their learners’ work. Through our Campus solution, IT administrators and teachers of Christel House South Africa are able to set guidelines and restrictions that create safe and secure learning environments online.

You can read more about Christle House and their digital learning environment here.

Mobile Device solution- Manage by Mobile Guardian

The Mobile Device Solution Category focuses on stand-out device management functionality that empowers the management of mobile devices for schools.

Mobile Guardian’s suite of Solutions have been designed specifically for K-12 learning environments, and the foundation of all our solutions is our Manage Solution.

Manage supports Android, ChromeOS, iOS, and macOS devices to get the best out of modern digital learning environments.

Manage allows IT administrators to save time with functionality such as Zero-touch device enrolment, location-based and time-based device restrictions, Lost Mode and an array of other features.

Thanks to the EdTech Cool Tools Awards

Mobile Guardian finds itself in the company of some amazing companies and individuals in the above-mentioned categories and it genuinely is an honour to be recognised at this level.

We would like to thank the judges for setting aside their valuable time to review the entries. We can imagine that it’s no easy task. Secondly, a huge congratulations to all the other finalists. The full list of this year’s award finalists can be found here.

Lastly, thank you to the EdTech Digest Awards for creating a platform which celebrates the stars of the education sector.

Team Mobile Guardian


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