Benefits of Integrating Apple School Manager with your MDM

Previously we discussed why to integrate with Google Workspace which assists Admins with being more efficient. The benefits of integrating your MDM with Apple School Manager (ASM) is similar in that it is efficient, but at the same time, just more so. How? I’ll get to that.

Apple School Manager and your MDM

You would first need to know the basis of Apple School Manager. Apple School Manager (ASM) enables students to use Apple devices within their learning environments. Apple School Manager is a portal that helps simplify enrollment, deployment and management of Apple devices as well as the distribution of applications and content for schools, by combining the capabilities of Apple DEP and Apple VPP on one platform. This allows for automated deployment of devices and applications with a zero-touch enrollment. Combining this with an MDM makes your life as an admin a whole lot easier and saves an incredible amount of time.

Just a few of the stand-out benefits:

Integrating ASM with your MDM is all about benefits and everyone likes benefits. After having the devices added to ASM by your device supplier or by yourself, enrolling your devices with your MDM providers dashboard is easy. All you need is your DEP token, VPP token and your APNS  certificate and your life is about to become a whole lot easier.

Here’s a brief video outlining how to Connect Your Apple Accounts.

After this, all you would need to do is sync the devices, users and roster (or whichever of these you require) and you’re good to go. After the sync and a reset of the device, the devices will enrol. All your User/Student information will be populated, as well as your classes. Now you just need to link the students to the relevant device and you will then be able to sit back and Manage your devices with ease.

Application management made easy

Applications are just as easy to manage. Once you have added the VPP token, you will be able to view all the applications added on your ASM in your MDM. You will be able to set which applications are to be on selected devices or on all of your devices.

NOTE: An important detail to remember is to never let your certificates expire. They are valid for a year and we would strongly recommend that you renew these licenses at least one month before the time just to be safe.

Classroom Management & Apple School Manager

Classroom management allows you to use your MDM to manage your classes or you may use Apple Classroom to manage them. The setup of classrooms, teachers, students would need to be done on ASM and then synced over. Once synced, the classes will appear on the teacher’s dashboard and be ready for teachers to use.

Last but not least, device management

Let’s not forget the most important part of integrating with an MDM. You will be able to manage your devices. You will have the ability to create and enforce restrictions, manage applications and so much more. Simply add websites, youtube links and applications to be either blocked or allowed should your solution offer a web filtering function. This can be done at a school level, where the administrator can apply the restrictions to all devices or have different groups of devices with a different set of restrictions for each set of devices.

Your teachers are not left out either. They will gain the ability to enforce their own rules for individual classes, as each class is different and needs to be managed as such. Whether that’s allowing particular applications suited for a particular lesson, or to go back to the web filtering example, allow particular YouTube channels or websites that the lessons require.

Manage your 1:1 program of thousands of devices with quick, direct actions.

Ever Developing Device Management

I hope you found this article to be of use, and that it shined some light onto the wonders of mobile device management.

The landscape of EdTech is ever-evolving, and there are constantly new and exciting developments in the world of mobile device management.

We’re constantly working to stay ahead of the curve and offer incredible support to Mobile Guardian users around the world.

Let us know your thoughts on what is keeping you preoccupied with mobile device management as an administrator, and we can look to shed some light on the matter in the next blog post.

If you are having specific trouble with the schools you are managing, then feel free to message our expert support team to assist.

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