Stop Distracted Instruction with Eyes Up

Struggling to get the attention of your students? Eyes Up is a feature which will get the whole class’s attention at the touch of a button.

Eyes Up instantly displays a block screen on each device and requests that the student look up and pay attention to the teacher.

Increases the fluidity of classes with Eyes Up

How can we stop digital distractions in the classroom? Grabbing the attention of students in the modern classroom is one of the hardest tasks faced by educators today. The number of possible distractions in modern classrooms is unbelievable!

Mobile devices can be a major source of distraction in the classroom. Getting students to tear their eyes away from their screens during a class can be extremely difficult and can often lead to unnecessary wastage of precious class time.

During class teachers need to explain complex concepts to students. When explaining an important concept to a class, ensuring all students are focused and attentive is challenging, when you add mobile devices to the mix it makes it even more difficult.

Teachers have to ask students to close their devices and focus which then leads to a lot of time wasted. Ensuring every student is actively listening to their teachers’ instruction, which may be followed by issues with devices signing out and switching off once closed. This leads to a myriad of digital distractions.

Mobile Guardian’s Eyes Up feature was developed from feedback received from teachers with the aim of creating a tool which allows teachers to stop digital distractions and provides an easy and effective method of ensuring that students remain focused and attentive during lessons.

Distraction Free Instruction

Eyes Up allows teachers to freeze the screens of all their students at the touch of a button. When the teacher has finished explaining or presenting, they can unfreeze their students’ screens by clicking on the Eyes Down button on their dashboard.

Eyes Up increases lesson fluidity and eliminates the time normally wasted when trying to get the attention of students. The feature has also been known to reduce conflict between teachers and students as room for arguments is removed by simply freezing the device.

Why Teachers Use Eyes up in their Classrooms

  • To ensure students are paying attention when giving instructions to a class.
  • Easily stop a class to reiterate the importance of instruction or to point out the desired change in behaviour.
  • Lock students’ devices when their peers are presenting to ensure they pay attention.
  • Lock devices during class quizzes to ensure students aren’t cheating.
  • When used in combination with live screen views, teachers may lock students’ devices who are playing games or watching
  • YouTube when they should be working.
  • Lock devices when announcements are being made over the intercom to ensure students are paying attention.
  • Lock the devices of distracted students or students who are distracting those around them.

As you can see there are a host of scenarios where Eyes Up can greatly impact a class and make the life of teachers much more easier and fluid.

Drive Learning in your Digital Classroom with Less Digital Distraction

With this feature, teachers are able to support student learning through the creation of more engaged and distraction-free digital classroom environments. With Mobile Guardian, teachers can stop digital distractions in their classroom with Eyes Up.

Eyes Up allows for seamless instruction and guidance in your digital classroom.

If you are interested in learning how you can utilise Eyes Up to drive more engaging learning in your digital classroom, you can find out more about our Learn & Campus solutions – which include our classroom management toolset.

Alternatively, you may book a personalised demo with one of our team to understand how you can use Mobile Guardian to elevate your digital learning environments.

Discover more features that drive learning in the digital classroom and get the best out of learning in your digital classroom.

Michael Rosenthal
Team Mobile Guardian


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