Understand Student Device Use in Class with Activity Timeline

Drive learning in your digital classrooms by understanding your students’ device use with Activity Timeline!

How to Overcome the Challenge of Understanding Student Device Use in the Classroom

Monitoring students’ use of devices in the digital classroom can be challenging and time-consuming for IT administrators and teachers. Understanding how students are using devices in class is impossible without the right tool for the job.

Students may appear to be working hard during class, however, they could be working on homework for another class, or focusing on something other than the work in front of them. Possibly a video on YouTube, a game or social media content.

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It is impossible for a teacher to know that a student is on task without physically intervening or gaining a view of their screen. However, this can ruin lesson fluidity and is a waste of the teacher’s precious class time.

If a teacher has identified a student who seems to not be on task during a lesson, they would normally have to go and ask for a comprehensive complex report from their school’s IT administrator to gain clarity on the students’ behaviour, this is incredibly time-consuming and can turn out to be a waste of both the teacher and IT administrators time.

With Mobile Guardian’s Activity Timeline feature you have the answer to this challenge!

Gain Insight into Your Student’s Device Usage

The Activity Timeline provides teachers and IT administrators with insight into device usage in class.

Teachers, IT Administrators and School leaders will have a clear and simple to understand visual report of how students spend their time on their devices.

These reports can be used for assessing students’ progress and identifying those students who are struggling, and the behaviours of those who are thriving.

Use Activity Timeline to Better Assist your Students

Once struggling students have been identified, their past devices can be assessed in order to identify what they may be doing incorrectly quickly and easily.

Insight from the Activity Timeline provides teachers with a clear understanding of what content and aspects of their lessons their students are and aren’t accessing.

Students can then be effectively assisted by a teacher who already has insight into their challenges, alongside the quality of work they are producing, allowing for preemptive preparation to help the student excel.

This enables teachers to guide their students in the right direction behaviorally, or simply towards a better source of information on their current task.

With this in-depth insight into each and every student, schools gain a better understanding of device usage both during class or retrospectively, by viewing how much time students spend on particular websites or applications.

Drive learning in your digital classroom with Activity Timeline

Activity Timeline supports student learning through the creation of more focused and informed digital classroom environments.
If you are interested in learning how you can utilise Activity Timeline to drive more engaging learning in your digital classroom, you can find out more about our Learn & Campus solutions – which include our classroom management toolset.

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