7 of the best Science apps for iPad – STEM series

This post is part of our STEM series and highlights some of the best science apps for iPad available. The list features  apps that come highly recommended by both teachers and parents. From the far reaches of outer space, right down to the inner workings of the smallest cell, these apps will take your lessons to the next level.

The Best Science Apps for iPad

Parents, if your kids are nuts about science, they’ll love apps like NASA’s visualization explorer or the Snapshot of the Universe. Encourage a deep love for science with this list of the best science apps for iPad.

1. NASA Explorer

First up on our list is the Nasa Visualization Explorer! If your students can’t get enough of space-based research, this app lets them explore earth and the entire solar system through the eyes of their fleet of research spacecraft.

2. Khan Academy

With Khan Academy, students gain access to learning resources like videos, exercises and interesting articles about a wide range of subjects, including biology, chemistry and physics. This app is a learning powerhouse and a great way for students to get a deeper understanding of chemistry or physics concepts.

3. Stephen Hawking’s Snapshot of the Universe 

This app  takes you on an epic journey through the principles behind our universe. You’ll learn why time isn’t the same for everyone, why black holes might not be black and why planets stay in orbit around stars. This app helps students understand how the universe works and offers 10 fun, interactive experiments so students can learn while playing. And they can even pilot a spaceship from Earth to Mars!

4. Got It

This app is a fantastic homework helper that assists students with problems right away. The app provides 24/7 help for Math, Physics and Chemistry problems. Students simply upload a pic of their homework problem and are instantly connected to a tutor. The Got It tutors help students understand and work through the problem.

5. HudsonAlpha iCell

iCell gives students a view into the inner workings of animal, plant and bacteria cells. They’ll learn about the structure of different cells with interactive, 3D views. This is a great way to introduce students to the important work that biochemists, biologists and DNA researchers do.

6. Frog Dissection

This app is an awesome, no mess alternative to the traditional frog dissection. Let students learn about organs and organ systems as they dissect a virtual specimen. We’re a big fan of the virtual, more greener experience. This app is praised as a fantastic teaching tool and a great alternative to a traditional dissection.

7. Yup – Math and Science HW Help 

We’ve know we’ve already featured a homework helper on this list, but the Yup app came highly recommended. Yup provides students with unlimited, 24/7 math, chemistry and physics support. The app offers expert tutors to work through homework problems, or help students study for exams. Monthly and yearly subscriptions are available.

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Our STEM series for iPad apps

This post is part of our STEM series for iPad apps. Click to see our posts on Maths, Technology and Engineering apps, to help bring STEM concepts into your classroom. We’ve also put together a list of free Science iPad apps, which you can find here.



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