5 of the best Engineering apps for iPad – STEM series

The next post in our iPad STEM series, features some of the best engineering apps for iPad. These apps come highly recommended by both parents and teachers. Unlike previous posts in this series, it was tricky to hunt down engineering apps that were appropriate for children. Many engineering apps are aimed at professional, working engineers.  With this in mind, we developed a list that focuses on more apps that help children understand coding principles.

This post is part of our STEM series and focuses on apps that introduce engineering concepts to children through coding. You can also read up on the best science apps for iPad and recommended math apps for STEM.

1. Goldieblox: Adventures in Coding

This game helps children learn the fundamental concepts of coding. Children need to help Goldieblox deliver cupcakes all over Bloxtown by coding the path of her rocket skateboard. The game features 20 levels of fun coding puzzles, as well as mini-games. You’ll be relieved to hear that there are no in-app purchases or advertising.

2. Minecraft

No STEM series would be complete without an appearance from Minecraft. It needs little introduction. The popular app enables creative thinking and lets children build incredible things. From basic homes to baller castles. This app is a fantastic addition to any classroom and there are many articles praising its use in the classroom. If your child hasn’t yet tried it, get them to download it today!

3. Cato’s Hike 

Cato’s hike is a game that teaches kids basic programming skills. It offers up 60 fun levels and the its developers continue to add challenges. After learning  basic skills, children will move on to more advanced concepts like loops, basic stacks and memory, it cater. This is a fun and challenging puzzle game to help Cato navigate the new world he finds himself in.

4. SimplePhysics

SimplePhysics lets kids design everything from treehouses to more complicated structure like giant wheels. The app then lets children simulate their design to see if it works. They’ll be able to test their design and discover how the strain is distributed across it. They can then identity and fix their problem areas before re-testing and saving their design blueprints. This app is a fun way to learn about real-world physics.

5. Robot School: Programming for kids

This fun programming game is suitable for children aged 7 and up. Robot school comes highly recommended by parents. The game offers 45 levels that children need to complete in order to help R-obbie the robot get back to his home planet. Kids will learn procedures, loops and conditional instructions in a fun way that makes coding accessible. Rest- assured, there are absolutely no in-app purchases.

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Our STEM series for iPad apps

This post is part of our STEM series for iPad apps. Click to see our posts on Science and Math apps, to help bring STEM concepts into your classroom. We’ve also put together a list of free Science iPad apps, which you can find here.



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