Clear Presentations with Screen Sharing

The rapid transition to online learning makes screen sharing more important than it ever has been before. Educators are still navigating the ins and outs of screen sharing in hybrid and online learning environments. Mobile Guardian’s classroom tools will make navigating the challenges of screen sharing a breeze.

Drive engaged learning with Screen Sharing

To create effective learning environments, knowing how to share your device screen or that of students with your class is a powerful tool to utilise in class.

Let’s learn more about screen sharing and how this feature is able to drive learning and understanding in the digital classroom.

What is Screen Sharing?

Screen sharing allows users to present an exact replica of their screen onto the screens of other participating users. Educators can use screen sharing to create more engaging learning environments. Educators can share lessons, tests, revision work, run through test papers, videos and even educational games.

Gone are the days of needing cables and wires to share your screen at the front of a classroom. Mobile Guardians classroom tools enable educators to share their screens and their students’ screens with their whole class at the touch of a button.

The benefits of Screen Sharing in the classroom

Screen sharing helps create a more engaging classroom experience. There are many ways in which screen sharing will benefit you and your students. Here are some of the benefits screen sharing will bring to your classroom.
Educators can create student-centric classrooms, where students can contribute knowledge and share discoveries with ease within their learning environment can be achieved through screen sharing.

With screen sharing tools like the one created by Mobile Guardian, any student in the class can share their screen regardless of the type of device they are using. This makes classroom environments where students are using different devices a breeze to navigate for educators.

Screen sharing creates more engaging learning environments as students are more likely to stay on task when they know they might be asked by their teacher to share their screen with the class. While saving educators precious teaching time which can normally be wasted with equipment setup before classes and having to wait for students to write out content on the whiteboard.
Tools like Mobile Guardians, which allow educators to make use of screen sharing, mean educators or students can teach or present from anywhere in the classroom or even at home.

How to share your screen in the Mobile Guardian environment:

Step 1: Click on Share my screen and then click on the Share screen button.

Step 2: You can now select what screen you want to share with your class. You can select to share your Entire screen, a window or a chrome tab on your browser.

Step 3: Selecting a Chrome Tab, select the tab you want to share.

Step 4: Click on Share button

Step 5: Stop sharing by clicking on the Stop sharing button at the top left on your dashboard.

Drive student engagement with Screen Sharing

Student screen sharing is made easy in the Mobile Guardian environment. Teachers can request for students to share their screens with ease from their dashboard. Students can also request to share their screen with the class if they have something to share or are struggling with a question.

Teachers will receive a popup as indicated above which they have to approve before a student can share their screen with the class. Teachers can also view students’ screens live in class with the Mobile Guardian environment.

Student Livescreen views

Step 1: Select a student from your class.

Step 2: View open tabs on students’ devices.

You can find out more about Mobile Guardian’s Live screen views here.

If you are interested in learning how you can utilise screen sharing technology to drive more engaging learning in your digital classroom, you can find out more about our Learn & Campus solutions – which include our classroom management toolset.

Alternatively, you may book a personalised demo with one of our team to understand how you can use Mobile Guardian to enhance your digital learning environments.

Discover more features that drive learning in the digital classroom on our blog and elevate your digital learning environments.

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