Safe, Cloud-based Learning

Cloud-based web filtering for digital classrooms is essential for creating safe K-12 learning environments. Such web filters are required to block access to inappropriate content on the web, while still enabling students to access educational content which enhances their learning experience.

Today’s web filtering solutions should equip educators with the tools to confidently provide their students with a safe learning environment within their digital classrooms.

Create safe online learning environments for your students

The internet is constantly evolving at a scary rate, with new websites and social media content launching daily. Without a solution to assist in the management of what content is accessible to students, IT administrators will spend their lives constantly updating their web filter in attempts to block new content and websites that are distracting or simply inappropriate for school environments. 

This constant need to update and maintain web filter requirements results in constant back-and-forth efforts between teachers in the classroom and IT administrators as they strive to ensure students remain safe and secure online.

Modern cloud-based web filters for digital classrooms provide IT administrators with a centralised means to block entire content categories of content at the touch of a button. This means administrators can use their time to better develop their digital environment instead of toiling away fighting the needless flood of block requests of websites and constantly having to check students are behaving online.

Keep students safe while retaining lesson fluidity

I’m sure every teacher in a modern classroom has experienced struggles when it comes to content being incorrectly blocked or flagged as troublesome. 

With a modern K-12 web filter for digital classrooms, teachers can request access to blocked content at the touch of a button. Furthermore, web filters like our Safer solution allow Teachers to have control over aspects of the web filter should the school, district or management team set the filter up in such a manner. Allowing for responsive and efficient digital classroom management. 

With such solutions in place, teachers will never have to worry about students being distracted by content online again with such a comprehensive web filtering solution.

How to Quickly Create Focused Learning Environments

With Mobile Guardians Modes, Teachers can utilise a simplified version of our web filter to create temporary focused digital lessons in which students can access content which would otherwise be blocked. This enables teachers to conduct lessons with greater fluidity while ensuring students are learning safely online.

Find out more about Modes, an exciting feature that allows teachers to block all class content apart from a few selected links. Essentially restricting devices to only the content specified by the teacher as suitable for that class.

Comprehensive cloud-based filtering simplified

Cloud-based and totally independent of onsite technology, Mobile Guardian’s Safer solution will ensure your students can learn safely in their digital learning environments. Our cloud-based web filtering solution ensures the safety of students online regardless of their location.

Safer provides schools with a comprehensive yet simple solution to filtering inappropriate and undesirable online content. The URLs in our database are grouped according to Website Categories, which enables the broad application of restrictions to undesirable content. 

For example, should the category “Games” be blocklisted, no content categorised as such will be accessible via students’ devices, regardless of where they are located. In addition to this, blocklisting the keyword “Fortnite ” will ensure that no form of content related to Fortnite is accessible should students be seeking our guides or other written forms of content. This double-measure will prevent students from accessing any games on their device, and any content related to or containing the keyword Fortnite. This combination of measures provides a solution to ensuring safe, secure, and distraction-free online learning.

Mobile Guardian’s Cloud-based web filtering means you can have peace of mind knowing that students are protected from harmful content whenever and wherever they use their mobile devices.

Drive Safe Learning in Your Digital Classroom with Cloud-based Web-Filtering

Mobile Guardian’s cloud-based web filtering supports student learning through the creation of safe and healthy digital classroom environments.

If you are interested in learning how you can utilise Mobile Guardian’s web filtering to ensure safe learning in your digital classroom, you can find out more about our Safer solution here

Discover more features that drive learning in the digital classroom and get the best out of your digital classrooms, as well as your hardware and software investments.


Michael Rosenthal 

Team Mobile Guardian


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