10 of the best STEM apps for iPad – STEM series

This is the final post in our series on STEM apps for iPad. Throughout the series, we’ve looked at iPad apps and games that help kids understand science, engineering and math concepts. This post features some of the best STEM apps for iPad that are recommended by both teachers and parents.

We believe that it’s fundamental for kids to get to grips with technology as soon as possible. Success in their future job may very well depend on it. The apps below teach kids STEM concepts, make learning fun and even help with homework. You can read up on our posts for the best science apps for iPad here, recommended engineering apps here and finally helpful math apps and games here.

1. Goldieblox: Adventures in Coding

This fun game helps children learn the fundamental concepts of coding. Children need to help Goldieblox deliver cupcakes all over Bloxtown by coding the path of her rocket skateboard. The game features 20 levels of fun coding puzzles, as well as mini-games. You’ll be relieved to hear that there are no in-app purchases or advertising.

2. NASA Visualizer

 Next up on our list is the Nasa Visualization Explorer! If your students can’t get enough of space-based research, this app lets them explore earth and the entire solar system through the eyes of their fleet of research spacecraft. This app is a fantastic resource and students will feel like deep-space explorers.

3. Frog Dissection

This app is a great, no-mess alternative to the traditional frog dissection. Let students learn about organs and organ systems as they dissect a virtual specimen. We’re a big fan of the virtual, more greener experience. This app is praised as a fantastic teaching tool and a great alternative to a traditional dissection.

4. Yup – Math and Science HW Help

We’ve know we’ve featured another homework helper on this list, but the Yup app came highly recommended. Yup provides students with unlimited, 24/7 math, chemistry and physics support. The app offers expert tutors to work through homework problems, or help students study for exams. Monthly and yearly subscriptions are available.

5. Math vs Zombies

This game encourages children to use their math skills to save and treat infected zombies. Your child is part of a highly trained team of scientists who use their maths skills to save the world. The game has 111 levels that test and sharpen addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. The detailed Report Card section allows parents and teachers to track progress and identify concepts that students are struggling with. The game is aligned with Common Core standards for K-4th grade.

6. Minecraft

Let’s be honest, no STEM series would be complete without an appearance from Minecraft. It needs little introduction. The popular app enables creative thinking and lets children build incredible things. From basic homes to grandiose castles. This app is a fantastic addition to any classroom and there are many articles praising its use in the classroom. If your child hasn’t yet tried it, get them to download it today!

7. Robot School: Programming for kids

This fun programming game is suitable for children aged 7 and up. Robot school comes highly recommended by parents. The game offers 45 levels that children need to complete in order to help Robbie the robot get back to his home planet. Kids will learn procedures, loops and conditional instructions in a fun way that makes coding accessible. Rest- assured, there are absolutely no in-app purchases.

8. Mathspace

Mathspace is an incredible app, with a bank of over 70000 maths questions that cover algebra, geometry, probability and statistics. Mathspace allows students to complete online problems with their own, fully worked solutions. It provides instant feedback and help at every step. This is a fantastic app that will help students improve their maths skills. It covers substantial parts of the curriculum, please visit their site for more info.

9. Stephen Hawking’s Snapshot of the Universe

This app takes you on an epic journey through the principles behind our universe. You’ll learn why time isn’t the same for everyone, why black holes might not be black and why planets stay in orbit around stars. This app helps students understand how the universe works and offers 10 fun, interactive experiments so students can learn while playing. And they can even pilot a spaceship from Earth to Mars!

10. Multiplication Flash Cards

Last but not least, this is a free app that uses flash card drills to sharpen math, and specifically multiplication skills. Designed by parents and teachers this intuitive game is a great way to make homework sessions fun and entertaining.


Our STEM series for iPad apps

This post is part of our STEM series for iPad apps. Click to see our posts on Science , Engineering and Math apps, to help bring STEM concepts into your classroom. We’ve also put together a list of free Science iPad apps, which you can find here.

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