9 ways Mobile Guardian helps schools

Welcome to Mobile Device Management (MDM) made easy – Mobile Guardian. It’s the most complete single-vendor solution for schools and it gives you unparalleled control and visibility. 

Our MDM solution is purpose-built for education. It was designed from the ground up with the needs of schools in mind. What’s more, we’re constantly talking to our customers to ensure that we’re keeping up with their MDM requirements. 

Mobile Guardian also offers you incredible flexibility. Your solution can grow and adapt as your school and the technology it uses changes. You can view our pricing plans here. Need more convincing? Take a look at what else it can do for your school.

1. It’s your one-stop shop

One of the most exciting things about our MDM solution is that you don’t need to go anywhere else to get the control and coverage you need. It’s the most complete single-vendor solution for schools on the market. With Mobile Guardian, you get MDM, classroom management tools and robust web filtering. No more dealing with three different vendors to get one solution.

2. It’s multi-OS

All of our solutions cover Chromebooks, Android, iOS and macOS – at the same time. You don’t need to buy different solutions to cover each of these operating systems separately. Even better, you can manage all of these different options from a single dashboard and enjoy a centralised view of all devices active in your school.

Now you can invest in one solution that will handle your exact device mix, and grow with you as you add new devices to your school’s fleet. Alternatively, you can go for a BYOD system without prescribing to parents what they have to buy.

3. Device enrolment options – you got ’em!

There are several options when it comes to device enrolment. We’ve really focused on making enrolment, traditionally a painful process, as easy as possible. We offer bulk enrolment through Apple School Manager (DEP), Apple Configurator 2, G Suite and Android EMM. You can also enrol devices using through QR codes or URLs. Aside from multiple options, you can also lockdown enrolment to a preferred channel. 

You can also manage all of your devices from the main dashboard . When it comes to setting or resetting passwords, installing and managing apps and even wiping devices for new users, you’re covered with the cloud-based dashboard of Mobile Guardian.

4. District and LEA Controls

If you have several schools, each with a complex device mix under your watch, we’re got the tools you need to see the big picture, as well as zoom right down into the individual school.  With Mobile Guardian you’re able to monitor and manage all the mobile device activity in your school district or Local Education Authority (LEA).  You have the ability to centrally manage licenses, integrations, tokens and permissions across all of your schools from a single dashboard. You can also set permissions that are unique to each school, which cannot be overridden at the school level.

5. Enhanced in-class device management tools for Chromebooks

There’s always a fine balance to be struck when it comes to using edtech. It’s about unlocking the potential of the devices and software, without creating unnecessary distractions or opening your students up to online threats. This is where our enhanced classroom management tools come into play. This add-on is also part of what makes us the only true single-vendor solution for schools.

It allows you to set restrictions and rules for your school as a whole, but still give teachers the freedom to choose what is needed for a specific class. Teachers can also make changes to their students’ devices during their lessons. Single-app mode, for example, locks all devices indicated to the desired app. This is ideal for tests or exams, or for ensuring focus is maintained during class time.

Teachers will all have access to a dashboard that shows the devices being used in their classroom. From this dashboard, they can lock devices, view how they’re being used, message individual students to keep them focused, and even force eyes up to get the attention of everyone in the room.

6. Comprehensive web-filtering

Access to the internet is one of the biggest headaches when it comes to using mobile devices in schools. The learning potential is huge, but then again, so is the potential for abuse or distractions. With Mobile Guardian, you have complete control over what your students can access on any registered device. This web-filtering feature is just another part of what makes us the single-vendor solution for schools.

Our solution works by filtering the device itself, based on what you set via the main dashboard. You can set specific restrictions for your entire school, either as a permanent restriction or for only during school hours. This second option means that students can’t go on Facebook, for example, when they should be learning, but then they can spend time on the platform once school is done for the day. It doesn’t matter if the device is on school grounds or not, or if it’s connected to the school’s network or not, the web filtering will still apply.

Our full web-filtering solution allows you complete control of exactly what can be accessed and when. Teachers are even able to open up specific websites – or just one URL on the website, like a particular YouTube video – to their students just for one lesson or for a few days for project work. After the specified time period is done, the domain will automatically go back to being blocked.

7.World-class support

One thing we really love to do at Mobile Guardian is listen to our customers. From the initial free trial through to troubleshooting when your school’s set up changes, we’re here to help you. Customer support is something that we really pride ourselves on.

You’ll notice how much customisation is available with our MDM solution. Plus there’s the extra features that mean we’re the only real single-vendor solution for schools. It’s all about ensuring that it works for your school and meets your specific needs. We can’t ensure that our product does this without hearing what it is that you require.

8. Keeps your students safe online

The entire premise behind Mobile Guardian and our solutions for schools is to ensure that students and devices are kept safe. As part of this, we have designed our products to be compliant with a variety of regulatory bodies and governmental Acts.

Our web-filtering solution is CIPA compliant and BECTA accredited. In addition to this, our solutions support OFSTED’s mandate to keep children safe when they are online. You can also ensure that your MDM solution is set up to honour your Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) at all times. This is achieved by setting restrictions on your devices, which then apply regardless of whether they’re connected to your school’s WiFi, public internet or mobile data.

9. Parents can also help out

We’re not only the single-vendor solution for schools, we’re also the only vendor to offer linked Parental Controls. Why is this such an important part of MDM? It means that parents and guardians can work together with the school to encourage healthy habits with mobile devices. They’ll get their own dashboard that allows them to set restrictions and monitor usage when their children are at home or hanging out with their friends. This level of oversight will keep your students away from potentially dangerous places on the internet and remove distractions when they should be focused on homework.

Get an MDM that’s purpose-built for education

With Mobile Guardian you’re taking control of your device fleet in a way that’s safe, flexible and futureproof. It’s a solution that can grow as your needs grow, change as the world and technology change, and adapt to how your school uses edtech. You can rest assured that we’re always talking to our users to remain the best in education for you. Come and talk to the people with the only single-vendor solution for schools.



Robyn Hobson

Team Mobile Guardian


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