5 of the best technology apps for Android – STEM series

5 of the best technology apps for Android – STEM series

When it comes to STEM learning, it’s easy to see just how edtech can help your classes. There are so many apps out there to use and they’ve been designed to bring out the best in a student. We took a look through the Google Play Store and found five great technology apps for Android that are sure to inspire and motivate.

1. Tynker for Schools

It’s a programming app that has been specifically designed for children, and won numerous awards in the process. Teachers and students love it because the app makes you feel like you are playing a game rather than learning a lesson or a skill.

2. Pocket Code

Switch a gear with teaching your students coding and try out Pocket Code. It’s an app that allows you to create visual elements – games, animations, interactive art – using Catrobat. Creators can then upload and share their work with other users.

3. ARCore Elements

Delve into the world of augmented reality. This app covers AR design principles, as well as how to manipulate virtual objects. Students can also play around with real-world movements and then see the whole project come together at the end.

4. Robotics Engineering

Give your students an understanding of the basics of robotics. They can explore the database of articles on this app and read all about modelling, planning and controlling real-life robots.

5. NASA Visualization Explorer

Step out into the great beyond, alongside real astronauts and all the brains of NASA. This app gives you access to everything that the space program is currently studying. You also get up-to-date stories about new discoveries and explorations.


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Technology apps for Android and more

This list is only one of many in our STEM series. We’ve found some of the best technology apps for Android, as well as some great options for science, math and engineering. Now you can really bring the concepts of STEM to life.



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