Ten of the best STEM apps for Android – STEM series

10 of the best STEM apps for Android – STEM series

The beauty of STEM subjects is how interactive they are. Students can really get to grips with the real-world applications of what they learn and become inspired to take their studies beyond the classroom. This is why we’ve come up with our list for some of the best STEM apps for Android. They’ll really help your lessons to go further.

  1. WolframAlpha

When it comes to a trusted knowledge source for all STEM subjects, you don’t need to look further than this handy app. However, it’s not only a great resource for research, it’s also able to run computations based on your search queries and provide you with reports.


  1. STEM Teachers

This one is all for the teachers and those training to become teachers. It’s really an app for sharing resources and for building a community of teachers around you. Teachers can collaborate with and support others in the STEM fields.


  1. Socrative Teacher

Another one for the teachers, this app helps you to keep a close eye on your students’ progress. You can run quick polls and quizzes on the material you’ve just covered to ensure that everyone understands what’s being taught.


  1. Panecal Scientific Calculator

Every student needs the right tools in order to master their STEM subjects. This app is just like the old scientific calculator that’s been used in schools since the 1980s – a must-have for the classroom.


  1. Graphing Calculator

Say goodbye to needing more than one bulky, expensive calculator. With this app on your Android devices, your students can excel in their STEM subjects. It also provides users with a virtual library of physical constants and functions.


  1. Math & Science Tutor

Get a STEM tutor in your pocket. This handy little app covers a wide range of topics through video tutorials and step-by-step instructions. It’s great for helping students recap their lessons and study for tests.


  1. Elephant Learning Math Academy

This is a wonderful app for all students of math – from those who are struggling to those who are looking for new challenges. It’s focused on teaching basic math concepts through puzzles that have been designed by education experts. Parents and teachers can also get real-time reports on each students’ progress.


  1. Solar Walk

Voted as one of the best astronomy apps in the Play Store, Solar Walk is the ideal program for enticing students into the stars. They can interact with a 3D model of the solar system and read the wealth of information available in the app.


  1. Periodic Table 2019

When it comes to chemistry, the periodic table is one of the basic tools of the trade. This interactive version gives students so much more than just the layout and the elemental symbols. You can sort the elements by category, search through them for the one you want and get in-depth details about each one.


  1. SoloLearn: Learn to Code for Free

Being able to code is like being able to read and write in today’s world. With this app, your students can teach themselves or practice coding in a wide range of languages and for a variety of different applications. There is also a great community using the app, so you can get help and advice directly from the experts.

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STEM apps for Android that will make your classroom fun

There really is a wealth of STEM apps for Android out there that are designed to bring the subjects to life in the best ways possible. If you need some more ideas for your classroom, have a look at the other lists in our STEM series: technology, science and engineering.



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